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Bars & Restaurants - RumbleRank Use Cases

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

As a bar or restaurant owner, staying in tune with the wants and interests of your patrons at all times is gravely important. It can be difficult, however, to get your regulars to consistently engage with dry, tired surveys. At RumbleRank, we've devised some methods to keep your customers engaged in ways that make them feel like they have a voice in your business - all while having fun doing it and making it easy for you to collect valuable data.

Valuable data collection scenarios for bar & restaurant owners

Seasonal On-Tap Beer Selections

The rise in popularity of craft beer has created some headaches for bar owners looking to make the right decisions regarding the rotation of on-tap beer selections. As the seasons change, so do the tastes of your customers - and it can be a gamble to try and predict the brews they're most interested in keeping them warm in the winter or refreshed during the summer. The solution? Let them choose!

With RumbleRank, you can provide them with a visual list of seasonal beers you're considering. Using an open list, you can share the link to your social media pages, Google My Business profile or elsewhere in order to get as many responses as possible. Participants will be presented a "game" of head to head options until they've concluded with their conclusive, top-to-bottom ranking of the options you've provided. RumbleRank also provides them with a link to share their results that also encourages more participation and, in turn, more data + exposure for you.

At any time you can pull the data points from recent participants including the aggregate average rankings for your selections, outright wins for each options and the average time it took respondents to choose between each matchup (or the toughest or easiest decisions they made). With a free RumbleRank account, you can collect up to 25 responses per list. Pricing for unlimited data collection is on sale now for only $25 per month!

You can even test out the tool yourself here:

Adding New Food Menu Items

For full service restaurants, the logistics involved with adding new food menu items can make mistakes expensive. What's the best way to feel out your customers before making a costly food order experiment, menu print order, etc? Give your customers a voice!

Let's create a scenario for a restaurant that already provides several burger options. Currently they offer three popular choices: A traditional cheeseburger with the works, a BBQ bacon burger and a burger with an over easy egg they call 'The Sunrise'. Burgers have become the staple of their menu and they want to appeal to a wider crowd with more extravagant options. The staff has proposed several additions:

  • Peanut Butter & Maple Syrup burger

  • Pineapple & Chili Sauce burger

  • Jalapeno & Hot Sauce burger

  • Non-Meat/Impossible burger

  • Mac & Cheese burger

  • Donut-bun burger

Creating a test version of each idea, the staff uses RumbleRank to send an open link out to their social media followers with photos and descriptions of their new, proposed options. The staff decides that once they reach a minimum of 500 responses they'll use the data to make an informed decision - one that they can tease and reveal to their social media followers!

Monthly Cocktail Specials

Much like the growing list of craft beer brands and styles, cocktails have increased in popularity across the country. While they typically don't follow quite as strict of seasonal trends as their hoppy counterparts, unique cocktail choice can provide a way to entice new and returning patrons to an establishment.

Using RumbleRank, bars and restaurants can provide their followers with the opportunity to choose their own monthly cocktail special by choosing concoctions recommended by their bartenders in order to spice things up. Using attractive photos adorned with the drink ingredients, fans of the bar can choose their favorite options for the new month - giving them a voice in the decision and increasing their likelihood of visiting in the near future.

Collecting monthly data over the long term can also help owners get a better grasp of the unique seasonal trends of their local fanbase - allowing them to be more proactive about menu choice in the future.

Signing Up For an Account on RumbleRank

Signing up for an account on RumbleRank was designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Only an email address is required and the tool is free to users on a limited basis. Free users can create up to five active 'rumbles' at a time and collect up to 25 responses from each with data downloads also available. For a limited time, users can get unlimited access for only $25 per month - meaning no caps on the amount of 'rumbles' you create or responses you can receive! Upgrade your free account or cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you have questions, feel free to contact our team here.

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