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Human Resource Managers - RumbleRank Use Cases

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

As a human resource manager, part of your job is constantly collecting feedback from your fellow employees in many regards - job satisfaction, benefits, exit interviews, professional growth and more. At RumbleRank, we believe that traditional surveys using NPS scores or open text fields can sometimes produce subjective or confusing data points. While they have their time and place, sometimes it's necessary to get your respondents to make real choices between options.

In this article, we lay out scenarios in which RumbleRank can encourage your employees to make decisions that lead to real, actionable data - all while keeping them engaged in a process designed to feel like a game.

Valuable data collection scenarios for human resource managers using RumbleRank

Through discussions with HR managers in several different industries, they've helped us to determine some useful scenarios for gathering a conclusively ranked list versus typical 1-10 questions or text fields.

What would most improve your work experience during the day?

This question was posed at an engineering firm to a group of 50 engineers with the following list options - all determined by the HR manager to be common requests or comments by this department:

  • Larger desktop monitors

  • Standing desks

  • Change in climate control (temp)

  • Workspace privacy

  • New office furniture

  • Access to new project software (industry specific)

  • More office beverage options

Try out this scenario yourself by clicking the button below!

How would you rank the strengths of management based on these attributes?

Here's another question that can help in gathering novel, anonymous data from a department's subordinates. By providing a list of leadership attributes such as the ones below, management can get a grasp of their strengths and weaknesses beyond the confines of a typical NPS score.

  • Empathetic

  • Knowledgeable

  • Accountable

  • Punctual

  • Qualified

  • Inspiring

  • Open Minded

  • Honest

By allowing an entire department to rank these attributes anonymously, you can not only glean insight from the average, but also from extremes in the difference between the average and the number of outright wins by any particular attribute. If 'Punctual' is the aggregate number one but 'Honest' had the most outright wins despite coming in fifth place, you could begin to conclude that a subset of the group have a different relationship with leadership than the others.

Which bonus incentive would you prefer?

This idea is more straightforward. Maybe you lead a sales staff that is looking forward to an end-of-year incentive that would be a result of hitting targets. In this situation, you can provide the group with a list of prizes or outcomes for them to rank in order to determine which option would most motivate the group - possibly even allowing for a couple of different choices based on response:

  • Caribbean Cruise for Two

  • $3,000 Bonus

  • All Inclusive Cancun Resort Trip

  • 80" Sony OLED TV

  • Custom Brunswick Pool Table

If two options are the clear favorites over all others, those two could both be considered by qualifying salespeople. More common scenarios may be providing food options for a staff party or choosing office dress themes. Giving your employees a voice can raise morale and motivation!

Signing Up For an Account on RumbleRank

Signing up for an account on RumbleRank was designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Only an email address is required and the tool is free to users on a limited basis. Free users can create up to five active 'rumbles' at a time and collect up to 25 responses from each with data downloads also available. For a limited time, users can get unlimited access for only $25 per month - meaning no caps on the amount of 'rumbles' you create or responses you can receive! Upgrade your free account or cancel your monthly subscription at any time. No payment information is required to set up a free account. If you have questions, feel free to contact our team here.

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