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Rank Your Favorite Bob's Burgers Main Characters

Since the pilot aired in January of 2011, Bob's Burgers has attracted a cult-like following from fans around the world due to its eccentric yet endearing storytelling around the Belcher family. We at RumbleRank count ourselves as fans and wanted to provide an opportunity for others to rank their favorite main characters! Below we feature short bios for each featured character as a way to sharpen your resolve prior to following the link to our rumble. According to the official Bob's Burger wiki, there are only six "main" characters.

Bob Belcher

Well-meaning and sensible, Bob tries to balance out his restaurant life while being a good father and husband. Although he regularly misses the due date for rent payments, struggles to make ends meet, and receives little respect from his children, he remains an adamant, hardworking, family man. A testament to his character, he maintains a sunny perspective and faces life's trials with earnest enthusiasm.

His wife casts a seemingly incompatible contrast, while Bob is introverted, repressed, and sensible, Linda frequently displays a certain youthful exuberance, uninhibited by social standards, and occasionally comes across as harebrained. Proof that opposites do attract, Linda's unwavering support has helped Bob through countless struggles, despite his tendency to become jaded by her childlike enthusiasm.

Linda Belcher

Happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, funny, and friendly, Linda supports her husband Bob's dreams through thick and thin. She has a joyful enthusiasm for whatever she undertakes, from dinner theatre to synchronized swimming or road rage.

She is lenient and supportive toward her whole family, while still garnering their love and respect. She is especially kind to her emotionally unstable sister, Gayle, encouraging Bob to have a pretend affair with her to raise her self-esteem, and allowing Gayle to hang many anus-themed paintings in the restaurant.

Tina Belcher

Tina's personality is a quirky "every-girl" transitioning from childhood to adolescence. The child in her still clings onto her love for horses, rainbows, and zombies while her inner teenager calls her to fantasize about zombies making out (which she claims is caused by seeing "Night of the Living Dead" at too young an age), and writing her feelings/activities in her diary. She also writes erotic fiction about her friends, acquaintances, and other people's works, and constantly thinks about her primary crush, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.. She develops fleeting crushes anyone she deems cute - including an entire baseball team of twenty-five, for example.

A defining aspect of Tina's personality is her intense, precocious interest in sex and relationships. However, this is shown to be an innocent, age-appropriate interest. The extent of her precociousness is being a boy crazy teen with a love of butts.

Gene Belcher

Gene enjoys pestering everyone around him by using sound effects with either his keyboard or his megaphone. He frequently records fart sounds and uses them as sound effects and additions to his music.

Gene is an 11-year-old boy, and though he’s shown to be mature for his age in a number of episodes, he has a gross sense of humor. His favorite jokes and quips often involve excrement, his genitals, and/or farts.

In Broadcast Wagstaff School News, it’s discovered that Gene looks just like Bob when he was 11. Gene then begins to dress and act like Bob when he accepts that he is destined to look like him when he gets older, even giving himself a bald-spot.

Gene has a passion for flamboyant performance art and loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention. He takes the opportunity to act as a musician whenever he can, as seen in the episode Burger War when he performs at Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.

Louise Belcher

Louise is a bright, mischievous, yet manipulative child, especially considering her place as the youngest in the family. Frequently seen giving her older siblings (and sometimes adults) advice and making quick-witted remarks, she displays many signs associated with high intelligence. These include her tendencies towards being aloof and manipulative, but also encompasses her cunning, logic, and problem solving skills. She also tends to be very loud and often shouts at the top of her lungs to get her points across.

Despite Louise's mischievous nature she is not generally malicious. Though she loves a good prank, she never aims to hurt anybody. Despite this, she has been known to go overboard in episodes like "Topsy" and "Glued, Where's My Bob?"


While kind-hearted as well as a loyal customer and family friend, Teddy is known for telling long winded stories and invading Bob's personal space.. Teddy is something of a "sad-sack", he is a desperate, divorced and lonely individual with few social skills longing for companionship and a family of is own. Because of this he desperately wants to be part of the Belcher family and is often inserting himself into their personal lives. He frequents Bob's Burgers in order to have someone to talk to because he is lonely.

Teddy has many fears and anxieties, the greatest of which he claims to be costumed characters and their "soulless eyes," after an incident with his ex-wife. He also has a hot temper, and has been seen to fly off the handle ("The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover" and "Uncle Teddy") in defense of those he loves, but always seems to express immediate regret. He sees a Therapist, Dr. Marjorie, for this and other concerns. According to Teddy "Dr. Marjorie says if I don't value my time, nobody else will" (Glued, Where's my Bob?)

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