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Ranking Baby Names with Your Partner Using RumbleRank - List Ranking Tool

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When you're expecting a child, one of the toughest decisions you can make with your partner is choosing a name! While some may lean on family history or traditions to make their pick, it's becoming more common to explore new ideas.

RumbleRank is here to help! By combining the favorites from each partner into a 'rumble', use our list ranking tool to find common ground through the aggregate ranking of each name. Once each partner has had an opportunity to rank the list top-to-bottom, you can easily download data for the aggregate rankings, the winning name for each person and a timer to see the easiest and toughest decisions!

Test Out RumbleRank Yourself for Boy & Girl Names

Find out if RumbleRank could work for you! Below we've included two button links - one for the top ten baby boys names of 2021 and the other for the top ten baby girl names of 2021. Both lists were provided by the United States Social Security Administration website. By following the button link, you can rank each top ten list to get your own definitive top-to-bottom ranking.

By creating your own free RumbleRank account, you can build your own baby names list! Only an email address is required to create your free account - we don't ask for payment info. Learn about the data you download from each 'rumble' and how easy it is to build one.

Share Your List with Family & Friends

While many couples will want to keep their name choices private, you can easily share your list of names for family and friends to rank using the open list share link. More participants mean more data which can help you make a tough decision (or you can throw some red herrings into the mix!).

Business Use Cases

RumbleRank isn't just for ranking baby names! If you're a business owner looking for feedback from large groups both internal or external, there are RumbleRank pricing plans available for all sizes. Get unlimited data for only $25 per month for a limited time.

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