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Social Media Managers - RumbleRank Use Cases

Whether you work in-house for a brand or represent one as an advertising or marketing agent, the role of a social media manager has evolved drastically in the last decade. Continually developing ideas to strengthen and protect brand image while generating positive engagement becomes more challenging each year. As social platforms mature, organic or viral reach can be more difficult to generate and followers quickly experience fatigue with run-of-the-mill content. At RumbleRank, we want to provide an opportunity to not only engage and excite your followers, but collect valuable data in the process. In this article, we outline a handful of use cases for harnessing the power of RumbleRank to improve your social strategy.

Creating unique lists for followers engage with on RumbleRank

The ultimate goal of social media management is to get your followers, fans, and/or customers to interact positively with your brand. If those same people become evangelists for your cause, even better. So how can you use RumbleRank to:

  • Promote positive engagement?

  • Extend organic reach?

  • Collect actionable data?

We've provided a short list of use cases below to help you maximize the power of the tool to take your social media game to the next level.

Let Your Followers "Vote" on Potential Merchandise Options

In some ways, RumbleRank works as ranked choice voting. By forcing participants to make choices between head to head options, they're ultimately left with a definitely ranked top-to-bottom list of the options at hand. If the brand you represent is consistently releasing new merchandise, allowing your followers to rank the ideas you're considering helps them feel like they have a voice in the direction of your business.

Let's use an apparel store as an example. Your store sells funny t-shirts and you've already considered a handful of designs you'd like to feature in prominently as customers walk in. What methodology have you used to determine the popularity of these choices? It's time to give your followers an opportunity for feedback! By using an open link on RumbleRank, you'll not only get the aggregate rankings for each option, but also data on the number of outright wins and the average time it took respondents to make decisions for each matchup. Learn more about data points here. As an added bonus, respondents can also share their results and encourage friends and family to participate themselves - contributing to your organic brand reach.

Follow the button below to test out this scenario yourself.

Let Your Followers Choose Their Prize

In this scenario, let's assume you're planning a drawing or competition that results in someone winning a prize. You'd like to know what sort of prize would most motivate people to participate in your event. Internally, the marketing and sales teams have some differing ideas regarding what to offer. It's time to let your followers decide! Using a car dealer as an example, these may be some prize options for participating in a test drive during a big sale weekend:

  • Free oil change

  • A branded hat

  • Branded stickers/decals

  • $10 local gift card

  • Free car wash

  • Cupcakes

In this example, you may find that two options are clearly favored above all others. If that's the case, providing two different prizes could help attract even more people to the dealership within the sales window. All the while, you've increased the engagement of your post and encourages respondents to share their results!

Harness the Momentum of a Viral Event

This approach is more lighthearted and is aimed at providing an entertainment outlet on social media via your brand. Let's say it's National Pizza Day (which is February 9th in the United States, by the way) and you want to have a fun discussion on your page about which pizza topping is best. By creating an open link on RumbleRank, you can facilitate a fun conversation that followers are more likely to share and engage with than a typical post. Savvy marketers will also find ways to use the data to learn more about their followers for future reference!

Signing Up For an Account on RumbleRank

Signing up for an account on RumbleRank was designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Only an email address is required and the tool is free to users on a limited basis. Free users can create up to five active 'rumbles' at a time and collect up to 25 responses from each with data downloads also available. For a limited time, users can get unlimited access for only $25 per month - meaning no caps on the amount of 'rumbles' you create or responses you can receive! Upgrade your free account or cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you have questions, feel free to contact our team here.

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