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Who's the top driver in Mario Kart 64 Grand Prix?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

For Millennials, debates regarding the best grand prix racer in Mario Kart 64 have been raging since the game released in December of 1996. The game revolutionized local PvP racing and maintains a strong community to this day. Luckily for you, RumbleRank has provided an opportunity for you to show the world the true top-to-bottom driver rankings by completing the rumble in the button link below.

Pros and Cons of Ranking Each Mario Kart 64 Driver

We're not the first and won't be the last site to cover the pros and cons of Mario Kart 64 drivers. That said, we've referenced some great articles from the past in weighing your choices. Each driver is outlined below, but if you could care less what we (or other people) think, go ahead and rank them all yourself using RumbleRank via the button below:

Want to create 'rumbles' like this yourself? Sign up for your own free account here. RumbleRank is a tool for helping groups rank lists. Get definitive feedback by forcing users to make decisions!


The face of the franchise is also one of the most mediocre, according to FandomSpot. Most of his "stats" measured there are smack dab in the middle of their rankings. Mario is consistent, stable and a great choice for novice or casual players. If you're looking for well-rounded, look no further.


Luigi plays like a slighter, wispier version of Mario - which is fitting for his physique. Fast triple A acceleration and some tight handling make him a respectable option. Don't mind the L on his forehead; Luigi holds his own even without great top speed.


Yoshi possesses blazing speed AND acceleration making him a common number one option. While he shares Toad's speed, his size is just great enough to withstand a little aggression from larger drivers. It's hard to argue against such a dynamic combo.


Peach shares many of the advantages of Yoshi with her small, zippy frame. In fact, depending on the statistics you trust, their talents are interchangeable. Peach is a top choice for more competitive vets - she can hold the crown.


The smallest racer in the grid is Toad. While his speed and acceleration rival Yoshi and Peach, his small stature makes him an easy target for bullies. Regardless, Toad is a respectable choice and hard to catch when in the lead.


Speaking of bullies, Bowser is the leader of the pack. While his top speed remains in the lowest tier, his triple A acceleration is in elite company. His lack of quickness makes him predictable and consistent like a giant bowling ball.

Donkey Kong

DK is a slightly slimmer bully with similar bowling ball characteristics. His audible screeches offer an intensely unique personality to the other drivers. You either love him or hate him.


Wario is the slimmest of the heavyweight class but unfortunately shares DK's poor acceleration. While easy to handle, he possesses few traits that provide a competitive advantage - beyond looking absolutely menacing.

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