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介绍 RumbleRank


It's really simple:

  1. Build a list of options

  2. Share with a group of any size

  3. Collect everyone's results

  4. Review the aggregated data!



隆隆声 通过我们称为“隆隆声”的正面对决游戏,帮助小组对列表进行排名。您的所有受访者的结果都汇总到三个可导出的数据点中。  

观看下面的视频以了解更多信息 - 点击红色按钮自行测试!您只需一个电子邮件地址即可创建自己的完全免费帐户。无需支付信息!

Who Uses RumbleRank?

We've included a list of careers and scenarios that successfully utilize RumbleRank to help groups rank lists & gather useful data in a more engaging way. Follow the buttons below to read use case articles with live test lists for you to try out yourself. Break free from the boring, traditional survey by presenting your respondents with a "game" that not only makes feedback faster - but also provides results with clarity. By forcing people to make decisions, you can get real answers!


Stop subjecting people to boring surveys! Giving feedback should be fast and fun. Rumblerank helps groups rank lists by encouraging individuals to make choices through head to head matchups. Every respondent generates a top to bottom list that is then aggregated into a group total. Download up to three unique data points instantly from your account at any time. Sign up for a free account without any payment information required.




UX 的设计感觉就像一场游戏



我应该使用 RumbleRank 做什么?

我们相信 RumbleRank 有几乎无穷无尽的用例 - 但如果您正在寻找更具体的灵感,请查看我们下面的用例文章集。每篇文章还包括与我们分享的想法相关的测试“隆隆声”。对它如何最适合您有疑问?直接联系我们

免费使用 RumbleRank!

建立您自己的自助服务档案和创建您自己的“隆隆声”是免费的,每个列表可以从 25 人那里获得反馈!如果您需要发送给更大的团体,我们为所有规模的用户提供订阅服务。在此处查看定价:

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