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Getting Feedback from Decision Makers for Graphic Designers - RumbleRank Use Cases

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Here's a scenario any veteran graphic designer can relate to - a client or manager is looking for a new design but only provides a limited list of details regarding the direction of the artwork.

They want you to "just run with it" which leaves you with an endless void of creative possibilities without a sense of stylistic preference. Even worse, you need to get an entire boardroom in agreement on the final product.

How do you usually tackle this scenario?

Cut through decision making bureaucracy

With the RumbleRank group list ranking tool, you can cut through boardroom bureaucracy by creating a "rumble" - or list of options - that forces the decision maker(s) to rank options you've provided through a game of head-to-head choices.

Whether you provide full logo design, typography styles or clip art examples - forcing the decision makers on the client side to anonymously rank options can be tremendously helpful in finding a path forward creatively instead of grasping in the dark.

Test Out RumbleRank Yourself as the "Client"

Try out a test "rumble" below - in this example, you play the client with the opportunity to rank several logo designs for a local humane society.

By making head-to-head choices, respondents can easily digest their design taste and provide more accurate feedback. Each respondent's choices are calculated anonymously - this helps to avoid groupthink. Results are collected in real time.

As this test list demonstrates, the full list of client decision makers would be required to rank their preferred logo designs through a game of binary options. Once everyone's individual list has been established top-to-bottom, you can look at both the aggregate rankings and outright wins for each option to determine not only the group's "hivemind" number one, but also any rifts within the group's opinions.

Setting up a free RumbleRank account

Fortunately for you, RumbleRank is free to use! Sign up using only an email address - no payment information is required. Free accounts can get feedback from up to 25 respondents per "rumble". Take advantage of this free ranking survey tool by signing up via the link below - and upgrade your account anytime. Feedback should be fast and fun. That's RumbleRank.

If you find that you need more than a free account can provide, you can upgrade to an unlimited account for just $25 per month with no annual contract.

Upgraded accounts get the following additional features:

  • Enjoy the tool ad free

  • Create an UNLIMITED number of lists and get an UNLIMITED amount of responses

  • Replace the RumbleRank logo and color scheme to your own logo and theme

  • Auto generate QR codes to share lists quickly with anyone

  • Download additional data points to track decision timers between head to head options


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