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Free & Fun Ranked Choice Voting Tool - RumbleRank Use Cases

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The popularity of ranked choice voting (RCV) has recently picked up a tremendous amount of momentum as a process for more accurately casting our true candidate preferences. Many, however, still don't fully understand how it works.

With RumbleRank, we turn the ranked choice voting process into a game of head-to-head choices. Using a tree sort algorithm, RumbleRank helps you determine your top-to-bottom ranking of any list. When shared with others, you can get a group's preference on that same list using the aggregated results from all respondents.

Test Out RumbleRank's Ranked Choice Voting "Game"

Test out the process yourself by following the button below. Once completed, you have the option to share your results with others who can then participate themselves! If you want to create ranked choice polls like this yourself, you can sign up for a free account here:

How RumbleRank calculates a group's ranked choice voting results

In a standard ranked choice voting election, a candidate must win an outright majority (over 50% of the total) of first preference votes in order to win. If they fail to do so initially, the candidate with the lowest number of first preference votes is eliminated and percentage of the FPVs of the remaining candidates are considered for a majority.

Using RumbleRank, you can pull three data points at any time following the distribution of a list. In this scenario, the most relevant data point is Outright Wins - which tallies the number of times a particular option came out on top with respondents (or a first preference vote). Using that number can help you run the same calculation based on the majority needed to decide. It can also help you calculate a proportionally ranked choice race as well.

Alternatively, you could also pull the Aggregate Rankings for each option. In this scenario, the placement of each option is added together with a first place finish given one point, second place two point, and so on. This helps to average out everyone's preferences top-to-bottom with the lowest score being the winning option.

Why RumbleRank Makes Ranked Choice Voting Easier

While many agree that ranked choice voting is a better way to calculate the true will of the people, it can still be a daunting task to rank a long list of candidates top-to-bottom. Using RumbleRank's tree sort algorithm turns that process into a game of easily digestible matchups.

Once you've exhausted the list items, you're left with a definitively ranked order. This can be useful for much more than elections, but also friendly debates over things like TV shows, video games, beers, or baby names.

Signing Up for a Free Account on RumbleRank

Sign up for a free account on RumbleRank with only an email address and build your own lists like this one! Share 'rumbles' with family and friends - or coworkers. RumbleRank is a tool for helping groups of any size rank lists of choices. Need feedback from more than 25 people at once? We have pricing available for organizations of all sizes.

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