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Guide to RumbleRank Account Setup & User Interface

Updated: May 17, 2023

In this article, learn how to setup your own free account on RumbleRank while also properly navigating and using the group list ranking tool. Feel free to jump to the section you need. Each section also includes visual aids to illustrate each step or lesson.

Setting Up a Free Account or Logging In

Once you've reached and have decided it's time to create your free account after reading about applicable use cases, there are several ways to access the list ranking survey app.

The two easiest ways to access the app login page are outlined above with the red squares and yellow arrows. Both buttons will take you to the same screen displayed below. Alternatively, links to the app are also littered within the text of other pages and articles on the site.

Once you've reached, you can click the long grey button titled 'Log In or Sign Up' to be redirected to the portal to enter your email information. You also have the option to watch the short video explaining advantages of RumbleRank with some tips for its use.

Establishing an Account Using an Email Address

RumbleRank only asks for an email address to setup an account - no payment information required! When you reach the screen below, you'll be asked to use an email address to log in. If you don't already have an account, click the text labeled with the red box and yellow arrow with the blue text that reads 'Sign up'

rumblerank account sign in screen

Once you've entered your email address, password and clicked the blue 'Continue' button, you'll reach the first account creation page.

Editing Your Profile & Upgrade Options

Using the white fields, enter your User Name and Company Name. Entering a Company Name is not required. If you wish to only use the free version of the app, you may click 'Save Profile' to proceed to the main menu. If you'd like to upgrade your account to a paid tier, you may do so by clicking the green 'Upgrade your Account!' button. Advantages to upgrading your account are:

  • Creating unlimited amounts of lists or 'rumble's and collecting an unlimited amount of responses from each

  • Replacing the RumbleRank logo and colors with your own company or personal branding

  • You and your respondents may use the tool ad free

  • Additional data points related to respondent decision timers are available

You can upgrade your account at any time. Free accounts still have the ability to:

  • Create up to 5 active rumbles and collect up to 25 responses from each rumble

  • Use both sharing and email link options for each rumble

  • Generate a QR code for each sharing link rumble

  • Share results of a rumble with a unique link

  • Download data from each list into an excel file

Navigating the Main Menu

Once you've clicked 'Save Profile' and reach the main menu, the first thing you'll want to try is Creating a Rumble. Click the long green button highlighted with the red box and yellow arrow below:

rumblerank account dashboard screen desktop

Creating Your First Rumble

Clicking the 'Create a Rumble' button will lead you to the screen below. You'll be asked to do four things initially:

  • Name your rumble

  • Choose a rumble type (Open or Closed List)

  • Describe your rumble

  • Give your rumble an image

rumblerank sharing link or emailed link

Name Your Rumble

When naming your rumble, it's important to explain the context of the list you're presenting in the name you include - as it will be the first thing that respondents read when they receive it from you. For example, if you're creating a rumble for friends to rank fast food options, you may want to name your list "Rank these five fast food options for lunch today".

Choose a Rumble Type

Choosing your rumble type is a very important decision when using RumbleRank. You have two options - an open or closed list.

Choosing a Sharing Link will ultimately provide you with a link and QR code that you can share with anyone. There are no predetermined limits on who may participate. Open lists are great for gathering feedback from people on social media or in public places where you want to gather as many responses as possible. Sharing links are easy to open from any device.

Choosing an Emailed Link will limit the participants to the email addresses you provide. You can either upload a list of email addresses using a txt file or manually enter the email addresses yourself. Using an Emailed Link ensures that the only people providing feedback on your rumble are those that you've chosen.

Describe Your Rumble

Describing your rumble is similar to naming it in that you're providing additional context to the respondent in regards to the context and intent of your list. This space allows you to provide clear directions for how you would like people to respond. A simple example would be "Choose your preferred option in each head-to-head matchup".

Give Your Rumble an Image

Along with your title and description, respondents will see the cover image you select (adding a cover image is optional). Cover images are also compatible with GIFs. Using a cover image can make your rumble more engaging and provide extra context for those that choose to participate.

Adding List Items

After the first four initial steps, it's time to add list items. These will be the choices respondents decide between after launching your rumble. With each list item added, three options are presented:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Image upload

Item Name

The name you choose for each item will be displayed at the bottom of each head-to-head matchup.

Item Description

The description you choose will be displayed under the name of each head-to-head matchup. Item descriptions are optional.

Image upload

Images will be centered by width to cover the area of each square in the head-to-head matchups. Choosing an image is optional, however, we strongly encourage using images or GIFs when possible to increase user engagement.

Adding Participants and/or Saving Your Rumble

Once you've added all of the list items you'd like to have ranked, it's time to save your rumble. If you chose an Emailed Link, you'll need to enter the participant email addresses prior to saving.

If you chose a Sharing Link, you can save your rumble right away which will transfer you to a new screen to access a shareable link and QR code. When you're done copying the link and/or downloading the QR code image, you can use the grey button labeled Back to access the main menu again.

Managing Created Rumbles

After creating a rumble and hitting the grey Back button, you'll see the screen below. From there, you have two options:

  • Clicking the "Choose a rumble" dropdown box to manage an existing rumble you've already created

  • Hitting the grey Back button again to access main account dashboard

Rumble Management Dashboard

After choosing a rumble from the "Choose a rumble" dropdown menu, you'll encounter the following screen.

Rumble Distribution Information

Clicking this hyperlink will send you to one of two screens depending on the list option you chose for your rumble. If an Open List was chosen, you can use this menu option to access the shareable link and QR code download again. If a Closed List was chosen, you can use this menu option to see the list of participant email addresses you uploaded.

Rumble Results

Clicking this hyperlink will display the aggregate rankings and outright win data for all of your list items. Items will be organized by their aggregate ranking.

Export Rumble Information

Clicking this hyperlink will allow you to download the current results of your rumble into an excel file. If respondents have already participated in your rumble, you'll see the total number of completed rankings in a rounded blue rectangle to the right of this hyperlink

Duplicate Rumble

This hyperlink allows you to duplicate all of list items in this rumble in order to quickly recreate it. This makes it much easier to re-send similar rumbles to different audiences and collect new data.

Delete Rumble

This option will prompt you to permanently delete this rumble including all of the data associated with it.

Need Live Support? Contact Us!

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Feedback should be fast and fun! Create your free account to start helping groups of friends, family or coworkers rank lists. By forcing real decisions, you get better data.

Looking for specific use cases?

We've provided scenarios for a long list of industries to help you best utilize RumbleRank in your organization. Follow below for use cases in:

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